PAL has the experience and technical support to accommodate the most demanding specifications and timelines…

         The OSST software is the central controller of the many variables involved in automated plating. Here are a few of OSST’s many features:

  • OSST is reliable
  • It monitors every step of the plating and coating process
  • It supervises all processing devices: rectifiers, heating and cooling equipment, dosing equipment.
  • It calculates the timing for dipping and dosing and controls volumes, temperatures, and immersion times.

PAL’s OSST software is the best of its type:

  1. Of the systems available in this industry, ours is the most reasonable in price.
  2. OSST’s features are excellent - the automated system increases product quality and production.
  3. By controlling the many variables in the process, the software can decrease employee costs and reduce human error.

Our OSST operating system controls the many processes necessary for automated plating and coating. Designed by IA Controls in Sweden, OSST is the perfect system for PAL’s specialty equipment.

We obtain the software for our customers, then we do the programming ourselves. Because all machines are not the same, we customize the software for our customers’ specific needs.

  1. The OSST runs on a stable platform and is programmed in up-to-date language.
  2. The system allows you to dial into the computer from your office.
  3. Our service is responsive and efficient
    • We have the strongest resources to support the software and follow up on issues after the installation. PAL provides support, service and commitment 24 hours each day, 7 days each week.
    • Our customers who supply the automobile production industry  operate 24 hours each day. They don’t keep a large inventory of parts and their delivery needs can be very demanding. We have to be responsive and efficient, and we are.

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