Leveraging Advanced Technologies
Custom and Proprietary Applications

At Pal Sales, Inc., we design and manufacture high quality automatic electroplating and related equipment for PCB, semiconductor and general metal finishing applications - world wide.

Surface Finishing:
Reliable and durable equipment, assembled in our factory, means rapid installation in your factory. Simple design paired with advanced engineering means greater cost efficiency and resource conservation for your operation. Surface finishing options include:

  • Barrel line
  • Rack line
  • Metal finishing
  • Plating on plastic
  • Solar cells

Printed Circuit Boards:
Well-proven design and rugged construction mean high productivity and low maintenance for PCB manufacturers. Clearly labeled control functions allow easy operation of the entire process from a single station. PAL machines can be customized for horizontal or vertical lines, and plating options include:

  • Hard board
  • Inner layer
  • Laminate
  • Flexible circuits
  • PTH/desmear

Machines can be installed in a few days, with minimum disruption. You will quickly be up and running — three shifts, seven days a week!

Waste Treatment:
PAL’s environmental control group is extremely excited about our advanced pollution control technology. We can develop the systems you need to meet new environmental standards and specifications. Options include:

  • RenoCell® patented metal recovery system
  • Closed loop management of chemical rinses
  • Fume scrubbing systems
  • Water treatment to generate deionized water
  • Systems that reduce:
    • water consumption
    • sludge and effluent
    • exhaust and fumes
    • consumption of chemicals and additives

Let us help your company meet stringent environmental requirements while maintaining maximum production.

     We provide custom equipment for these applications:

Let PAL Sales, LLC. evaluate your production requirements and design a system that matches your needs, and your budget…


All equipment manufacturing takes place in-house, which means we maintain close control of production scheduling, manufacturing costs and product quality.

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