A world leader in automated equipment, PAL’s advanced technology increases efficiency and productivity while being mindful of cost and resource conservation.

PAL has the experience and
technical support to accommodate the most demanding specifications and timelines…

PAL Sales, Inc. provides machinery and services to two major industries:

      Here’s what we do for all our customers:

  • Source and service high technology automated equipment
  • Train operators and supervisors on equipment operation and software
  • Provide support for customers on-site or through modem, 24 hours a day, 7 days each week
  • Perform audits and preventive maintenance checks
  • Respond quickly if emergency problem-solving is needed

Thinking about an upgrade or retrofit as an alternative to new machinery?

  • We can upgrade your current system to state-of-the-art.
  • Our experienced process engineers and our OSST operating system are a powerful combination.
    Together, they can make your upgraded operation fast and efficient.
  • Buying a used machine? We can customize and upgrade used machinery to match your process needs, and keep the transition time shorter than if you bought new equipment.


  • PAL’s equipment is durable and reliable.
  • We make sure hoists, cranes, rectifiers and other machinery is in good working condition.
  • PAL’s technology will help your company
  • Decrease overall production costs
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Improve process quality
  • Reduce chemical and water consumption
  • We make sure that the process of moving parts from one operation to the next is smooth and efficient.
  • All processes are timed and controlled - heating, cooling, chemical mixing, feeding, dosing, adding agents or additives.
  • Production, loading and system status reports are versatile and easy to read. They can be used by engineers, operators and management for a variety of purposes.
  • PAL's systems are also designed for environmental conservation and safety. Features such as containment units, safety sensors and alarms, waste control devices and environmental enclosures prevent contamination while improving safety conditions.


Our technical staff has the expertise to evaluate your production requirements and provide you with a system that matches your specific needs — and your budget!  PAL's retrofitted plating lines:

  • Improve stability
  • Ensure continued production and quality control
  • Shorten transition time, compared to buying new equipment.
  • Offer more functions, statistical reports and status information for operators.
  • Enable you to move ahead with advanced technology at a fraction of the price of new equipment!

    Metal and Plastic Finishing:
    —applying plastic, chrome, nickel, or copper to automobile, computer and medical equipment components. Fully computerized and hoisted systems move product through as many as 30 automated stages, ensuring consistent quality through every step. PAL’s systems also generate continuous data for operator monitoring and control.

    Printed Circuit Boards:
    —copper plating for computer and other circuit board components and semi-conductors. Whether for domestic or offshore use, our machinery and services can keep your plating process running smoothly and efficiently. PAL’s automated systems ensure consistent quality through every step of the process.

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